Job Details

Nursing Coordinator

Category: Nursing
Department: Nursing Office - 603100
Position Type: Regular
Shift: Rotating Shift
Hours Per Week: Full time 32 hours per week
FT/PT/PD: Regular
Location: New England Baptist Hospital, 125 Parker Hill Ave, Boston, MA 02120

SUMMARY:  Responsible for the coordination of clinical and administrative activities throughout the New England Baptist Hospital facilities during the evening, night, weekend and holiday hours.  Provides adequate human and material resources to facilitate safe patient care.  Recommends changes that result in more cost effective practice.

1.   Exemplifies the values of New England Baptist Hospital and the ROSE philosophy.

2.  Complies with all New England Baptist Hospital policies and the Code of Excellence.

     Maintains a safe and clean work environment.

3. Department Specific Responsibilities


  1. Maintains standards, policies and procedures of the hospital.
  2. Consults with and supports clinical nurses in problem solving and decision making relative to patient care issues and provides appropriate guidance and feedback regarding outcomes.
  3. Utilizes appropriate nursing resources to ensure optimal patient care outcomes.
  4. Responds to all emergency situations and procures appropriate resources, e.g. personnel, equipment, medication, etc., as needed.
  5. Investigates patient care issues as requested by members of the Health Care Team, patients, and families to work toward resolution of same.  Relays pertinent information to Nurse Mangers or Department Managers.
  6. Encourages and assists nurses to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with physicians and other members of the health care team.

4. Administrative

  1. Provides essential services when other departments are closed, e.g., obtains medications, provides equipment, admits patients, retrieves medical records, process paperwork on the deceased.
  2. Directs personnel from other departments when necessary to enhance patient care and/or safety.
  3. Responds to all emergencies, and provides immediate direction to resolve problem.
  4. Informs the Vice-President on call of major occurrences.
  5. Supports administrative decisions in discussions with staff; refers to appropriate resources when necessary for further clarification.
  6. Manages patient/family problems in a manner which safeguards hospital liability issues.  Relays pertinent information to Nurse Manager or Department Manager.
  7. Collaborates with Nurse Manager or Resource Nurse regarding unit based administrative concerns.  Keeps Administrative Director informed of pertinent issues.
  8. Recommends system changes based on identified problems that occur on evenings, nights, and weekends.
  9. Establishes regular communication with Department Managers regarding the functioning of their departments on the evening, night, and weekend shifts.
  10. Participates in, or provides input to  NEBH Committees.

5. Personnel

  1. Analyzes data, e.g., census, acuity, staffing mix, and adjusts staffing on nursing units with consideration for patient care and financial impact to the unit.
  2. Provides input on staff evaluations to Nurse Managers.
  3. Initiates disciplinary action for serious misconduct and communicates with the employee's immediate supervisor as soon as (s)he is available.

6. Education/Research

  1. Provides supplemental information to staff regarding Primary Nursing, including patient care conferences, primary nurse role and associate nurse role.
  2. Promotes utilization of continuing education opportunities.
  3. Assists staff to identify educational needs and offers suggestions for educational programs or inservice
  4. Assists with educational programs on evenings, nights and weekends.
  5. Collaborates with other health team members to identify current and future needs of the Patient Care Services Department.
  6. Increases professional development through continuing education.
  7. Participates in professional organizations.
  8. Assists in data collection for Research studies/QI activities to further develop nursing strategies that improve patient outcomes.

7. Plans time away from work appropriately

  1. Arrives and leaves at designated times.
  2. Uses unplanned earned time appropriately (Based on full time hours.  Standards are pro-rated for part-time employees based on agreed hours).

8.  Performs other related duties as required.

9. Attends annual safety review.


  1. Minimum Formal Education: Graduate of an accredited nursing program.  Baccalaureate degree required.  Master's preferred.
  2. Previous Experience: Four years recent acute adult medical-surgical nursing, including at least two years of first line or middle management.
  3. Demonstrates leadership abilities including problem solving, decision making and effective interpersonal skills.
  4. Willingness to support the philosophy of the Nursing Department and the mission of the New England Baptist Hospital.

LICENSE, CERTIFICATION REQUIRED:  Current Massachusetts license as a registered nurse.  ACLS Required.  BSN Required.



1.         Maintains competencies (position specific and hospital-wide) required for the specific patient population served.

OSHA EXPOSURE:   The nature of the tasks/responsibilities required of employees in this position will likely expose them to blood and bodily fluids.  Employees will be oriented to and required to understand and follow the universal precautions for infection control.



1.   Reports to Patient Care Services, Administrative Director