Job Details

Registered Nurse

Category: Nursing
Department: Jenks 5 East (Aufranc) - 603400
Position Type: Regular
Shift: Night Shift
Hours Per Week: Full time 36 hours per week
FT/PT/PD: Regular
Location: New England Baptist Hospital, 125 Parker Hill Ave, Boston, MA 02120

Position Summary:

Assures competent, compassionate and individualized nursing care for a group of patients within a unit or other primary area of practice. Ensures that care is safe, efficient, effective, timely, and meets the cultural, spiritual, and ethnic needs of patients and their families consistent with NEBH's mission and core values.  Collaborates with other members of the patient care team to plan and coordinate patient care goals and achieve optimal patient outcomes.  Recognizes patient care needs and works to establish a comprehensive plan of care.   Responsible for maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and NEBH standards, policies and procedures.

Consistently meets the NEBH Clinical Nursing I and Clinical Nursing II Competencies. 

  1. Provides direct care to patients and makes necessary nursing judgments to ensure all patient populations are appropriately cared for
  2. Designs and implements individualized patient care plans reflective of current nursing practice standards, policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines. 
  3. Demonstrates professional commitment and takes personal responsibility for ensuring patient safety
  4. Ensures proper identification of patient when providing care in accordance with NEBH identification policies and procedures
  5. Administers medications to patients in accordance with NEBH policies and procedures.  Assesses/monitors and documents patient response to medication dosages and therapies, and provides intervention as needed
  6. Obtains orders specimens for diagnostic testing ensuring correct labeling of specimens in accordance with patient identification policies and procedures
  7. Documents and updates the patient medical records in accordance with NEBH and department-specific policies and procedures
  8. Provides pain management ensuring that patient pain is assessed, managed, and documented
  9. Admits, transfers, and discharges patients.  Coordinates with ancillary departments and needed.  Completes and confirms patient admission history using paper and/or electronic medical records.
  10. Communicates and collaborates with the patient care team and serves as the patient's advocate when appropriate
  11. Effectively delegates appropriate patient care activities to other members of the patient care team with appropriate knowledge and skill levels.
  12. Follows patient care pan, updating and documenting changes as they may occur
  13. Adheres to infection control standards including, but not limited to hand hygiene, room assignment, isolation precautions, aseptic/sterile techniques, and universal standard precautions.  Cleans equipment in accordance with NEBH and departmental policies, procedures and standards.
  14. Utilizes and adheres to proper procedures for handling and disposing of bio-hazardous materials
  15. Informs and educates patient of expected outcomes before, during, and after medical procedures
  16. Explains patient privacy requirements to patient, families and visitors and maintains patient privacy ensuring compliance with HIPAA and NEBH standards, policies and procedures.
  17. Maintains all mandatory education requirements, professional licensure and any required certifications
  18. Identifies emergency/crisis situations; communicates such in a timely manner to appropriate patient care team members and responds appropriately
  19. Performs services in compliance with established practice standards, policies, procedures, protocols, guidelines, statutes and regulations (example: JCAHO, Fire Code, OSHA)
  20. Participates in ongoing educational and professional development activities to enhance clinical knowledge and update requisite skills
  21. Participates in hospital and/or unit-based patient safety and quality activities and uses principles to support and improve patient outcomes
  22. Maintains a collaborative work relationship with peers and colleagues in order to create a positive and professional work environment
  23. Takes initiative to share knowledge and skills willingly with colleagues, students and novice practitioners in a collegial manner

Job Requirements


BSN Required


RN MA license required, ACLS/BLS certification required.


1-3 Years Telemetry Experience.  2-3 years med/surg acute care experience. IV Skills Preferred.