Job Details

Prep Cook, 32-40 flex, Rotating Shifts (S)

Category: Food Service
Department: Dietary Administration - 805000
Position Type: Sourcing
Shift: Rotating Shift
Hours Per Week: Full time 32-40 hours per week FLEX
FT/PT/PD: Sourcing
Location: New England Baptist Hospital, 125 Parker Hill Ave, Boston, MA 02120

Position Summary:

  1. May prepare cold sandwiches, cheeses, salads, fruit cups, deli, salad bar, protein salads, yogurt parfaits and gelatin desserts.
  2. Cleans vegetables, fruits, and berries for salads, relishes and gelatin desserts.
  3. Mixes ingredients for green salads and fruit salads.
  4. Prepares relish plates of various vegetables and prepares dressings to be served on green salads.
  5. Peels, cleans and cuts fruits and vegetables.
  6. Sets-up salad bars, read menus and check production.
  7. Operates a variety of kitchen utensils to weigh, measure, wash, peel, cut, season cold foods for serving and storing.
  8. Properly stores food, utilizing knowledge of temperature requirements and spoilage.
  9. Inspects cold food workstations for compliance with service standards.
  10. Keeps records and requisition for supplies/equipment as needed.
  11. Cleans and sanitizes workstations and equipment following all regulatory rules and procedures.
  12. Other tasks as assigned by Operations Manager.
  13. Basic production skills.
  14. Prep for Hot food.
  15. Able to lift heavy boxes of produce, capable of using meat slicer, grinder, steamer, knives.
  16. Fill in to cover vacations for Deli, Catering Coordinator, Prep Cook  and Grill Cook in addition


  • High School Education
  • Previous Experience Cooking and Customer Service