Job Details

Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, 40 hours

Location: Boston, MA
Category: Physician Assistant
Department: Office of Dr. Kwon 716100
Position Type: Regular
Shift: Day Shift
Hours Per Week: Full time 40 hours per week
FT/PT/PD: Regular

GENERAL SUMMARY:  To provide direct patient care and clinical assessment of adult spine patients under the direction of a specific physician who is an active member of the New England Baptist Hospital Medical Staff, Orthopedic Spine Section. These patients will be primarily patients with disorders of the spine. The Physician Assistant/NP will function within specified parameters as defined by the Supervising Physician, as well as the Chief of the Spine Section, Department of Orthopedics.


1.   Exemplifies the values of New England Baptist Hospital and the ROSE philosophy.

2.   Complies with all New England Baptist Hospital policies and the Code of Excellence.

3.   Maintains a safe and clean work environment.

4.  Outpatient office responsibilities:

  1. Will typically see patient in conjunction with sponsoring physician, but may be required to see patients independently. This may include initial patient evaluations, follow-up visits and postoperative checks. Will perform a history and physical examination, that is comprehensive or problem focused as appropriate. Will formulate a differential diagnosis and a working diagnosis; develop a treatment plan within the scope of practice and in conjunction with the surgeon. This would include implementation of therapeutic interventions for specific conditions when appropriate, and exercising judgment on conditions requiring consultation, referral, or evaluation by the supervising surgeon or other healthcare professionals.
  2. Initiates appropriate laboratory tests, X-rays, and diagnostic studies.
  3. Makes accurate identification of problems/diagnoses based on correct interpretation of findings.
  4. Will work with patients to assist them reach informed decisions regarding their care, including providing appropriate education regarding their spine conditions and treatment options.
  5. May be required to fit patients with spine braces in the office.
  6. Will be required to use an Electronic Medical Record for documentation, when such a system is in use
  7. Will write appropriate prescriptions for patients,
  8. Will be responsible for completing paperwork generated in the course of patient care including, but not limited to disability and other insurance forms, and physical therapy requisitions
  9. Will be responsible for returning patient calls regarding questions or problems, calling patients with radiological and other diagnostic results and other clinical information. Will also contact patients to assess clinical condition in the early postoperative period after discharge from the hospital, or when there are changes in their status. If matters cannot be disposed of promptly and satisfactorily, the supervising physician is to be involved promptly in determining disposition.

5.  Assists Supervising Physician in surgery: 

  1. Responsible for knowledge of and adherence to all policies and procedures of the NEBH Operating Room.
  2. Participates in those surgeries assigned by the Supervising Physician, acting as first or second assistant. 
  3. The supervising surgeon is required to be present at surgery, and personally perform all portions of surgery determined to be ‘critical portions’ by NEBH policy, including, but not limited to, obtaining localizing xrays, bony removal, decompression of nerves, placement of hardware, and fusion.
  4. May be required, as skills permit, to close the deep and superficial aspects of surgical wounds

6.  Will make rounds on in-patients of the Supervising Physician at the New England Baptist Hospital.

  1. Will be primarily responsible for those patients on whom the Physician Assistant was First Assistant at surgery. This will include wound management, ordering medication, physical/occupational therapy, laboratory and radiographic tests, as well as coordinating with consulting practitioners
  2. Will also round on other patients whose surgery the Physician Assistant did not participate in, to ensure that their care is in keeping with the Supervising Physicians general practice, and maintain contact with patients in anticipation of their post-discharge care.
  3. Communicate plan of care to patient, patient’s family, and nursing staff.
  4. Promptly inform Supervising Physician about any significant developments in patient’s status.
  5. Communicate with primary physician the plan of care being initiated or discontinued.
  6. Maintain current, accurate medical record documentation.

7. Miscellaneous:

  1. Will occasionally be required to respond to calls for consultation directed to the Supervising Physician from all areas, including nursing units
  2. May be required to dictate discharge summaries for patients of the Supervising Physician.

8.  Education/Research:

  1. Participate in the training and education of medical students and physician assistant students
  2. Attend grand rounds in Orthopedics weekly when time allows.
  3. Assist attending physicians with research and presentations as time allows.
  4. Attend weekly morning lectures in spine as time allows.

9. Plans time away from work appropriately.

  1. Arrives and leaves at designated times.
  2. Will make an effort to plan, with as much advance notice as possible, any time away with the Supervising Physician to endure continuity of patient care.
  3. Uses unplanned earned time appropriately (Based on full time hours.  Standards are pro-rated for part-time employees based on agreed hours).

10.   May be required to perform other clinical duties where the routines, scope or nature of the Supervising Physicians clinical practice change

11. Attends the annual safety review of the NEBH

12. Requirements:  Minimum of two years experience; surgical experience preferred