Job Details

Operating Room Attendant, Full Time, Days

Category: Nursing Assistant
Department: Operating Room - 621000
Position Type: Regular
Shift: Day Shift
Hours Per Week: Full time 40 hours per week
FT/PT/PD: Regular
Location: New England Baptist Hospital, 125 Parker Hill Ave, Boston, MA 02120


Principal Duties and Essential Functions:

Operating Room Responsibilities

  • Responsible for checking the OR bed or positioning devices for proper attachments

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of all tables and positioning devices and attachments

  • Clean all positioning equipment and bed attachments prior to putting away

  • Demonstrate initiative to put away extra equipment when not in use

  • Adhere to standard and resistant organism precautions

  • Wear personal protective attire appropriate for task being performed (i.e., gown, goggles, gloves)

  • Observe for and attend to blood or body fluid spills

  • Work effectively with other staff as a member of the surgical team

  • Respond to intercom calls in a timely manner

  • Assume responsibility for prompt room turnover times

  • Complies with on-call responsibilities

  • Responds within 60 minutes when on-call (unless another time frame is established by the Nursing Coordinator).

  • Assists staff in the PACU or other Surgical Services unit(s), as necessary

Patient Prep

  • Delivers appropriate positioning equipment to each room

  • Assists in positioning of patients for surgical procedures

  • Holds extremities for skin prep

  • Delivers PACU stretchers/patient beds to room upon request from primary/associate nurse

  • Assists in transferring the patients from the OR table to the PACU or patient's bed and assists in transferring patients to PACU when necessary

Room Turnover

  • Responsible for room turnovers between cases

  • Clean room according to guidelines

  • Dispose of soiled linen and replace with clean laundry bag

  • Dispose of trash and re-line buckets with plastic liners

  • Mops floor with a clean mop and disinfectant solution after every case

  • Empties suction canisters into safety station in dirty utility room

  • Manages the emptying, cleaning, and dispersion of fluid management system

  • Replaces clean suction canisters and tubing at each suction regulator in the OR

  • Cleans and re-makes OR bed and/or stretcher

  • Restocks room as necessary


  • High School Graduate or Equivalent

Additional REQUIRED Qualifications/Skills:  Please write clearly and concisely any additional qualifications/skills that are required to perform the job competently.  Note:  If a certain qualification/skill is required for the job, candidates who do not meet that requirement will not be considered for the position.

  • Ability to assist with lifting heavy patients and equipment